What do you want to see in future Zelda games?

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    • What do you want to see in future Zelda games?

      Hello everyone,

      What is a certain game mechanic, story arc, weapon, anything really that you would want to see in a Zelda game that has not been done yet?
      I'd love to see a structure similar to this: Link and Zelda get split into opposite sides of Hyrule or different kingdoms altogether. Play as link to the first dungeon, then switch to Zelda who has her own dungeon to come and collect items, hearts, weapons, just like the left, but using a different arsenal. They meet up in Hyrule, do a dungeon together (a la Windwaker) then Zelda is kidnapped and is now fully in control of the open world. Zelda could not do anything from her imprisonment to help link on the outside. Thoughts?https://solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/ https://bluestacks.vip/

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    • Hey there, welcome! :3

      I personally like the idea with Link and Zelda exploring different areas from Hyrule on their own. It reminds me of Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valencia, in case you've played that, where the story follows a similar structure.
      However I don't see a point in having Zelda being kidnapped, because that would undermine the meaning of the whole game before that, doesn't it? The point where they meet up could also be the final battle, after which you're free the explore the rest of Hyrule. For example, the areas Link previously traveled could have hidden areas that only Zelda can enter, and vice versa.

      But generally, I'd enjoy that idea, I think. ^^
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    • Hey hoooo

      Well I would really like the ''April Joke'' Zelda Maker! It would be so much fun!
      And maybe something like a game, where you literally have your own Story (The RPG inspired me) so it's a Little bit apart from the normal TLOZ games. You can choose your Looks, your clan etc.
      So you start in a village in the middle of nowhere, but you want to explore the world and so you choose what to become (Fighter, bard, magician etc.) and the go into the wide world. Somehow the decisions you make help your character to develop an own personality, good or bad or what ever, and develop social contacts. It could be a Little bit like BOTW, open world. Or, if you just run Forwards, it's like a ball. You'll end up on the other side/where you started.
      Of Course there have to be Ganon, Zelda and Link, but it would be cool, if you could choose a side
      (so i'm pretty much imagining it as a Life is Strange/Detroi Become Human/Beyond two souls/Heavy Rain etc. like game)

      So yeah I still have loads and LOADS of ideas in my head, but I'll stick with this for the Moment.
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    • The idea of exploring different parts of Hyrule either with Link or Zelda sounds pretty interesting, but as Adi I don't really see the point in Zelda getting kidnapped at the end of the game. This would destroy the whole mechanic of choosing your favoured character to play with.
      I'd love to go one step further, to have Zelda as the main protagonist who has to save Hyrule. Nintendo has already done something similiar with "Super Princess Peach", a game I really enjoyed and the onlay Super Mario game I've ever played (besides the view hours of "Super Mario Sunshine"). In this game Peach has to save Mario instead with the emotions as a new gameplay mechanic. So instead of just giving Zelda a sword and a shield to do the same thing as Link, I'd prefer her to show her own talents e.g. her magic. I don't think it's even necessary for her to save Link. Just give her her own role in rescuing the kingdom (other than damsel in distress) and shift the focus from Link to Zelda.
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    • I think it would be nice to play as Zelda in a new game, but even better if you would have to play both of them in a coop game. I know for some this may sound strange because Zelda is a single player experience for them, but I think it could be a nice way to change how Zelda is played without loosing the spirit of the games.
      Something like "A way out" (If you haven't played it yet please give it a try), so you have to play simultaneously and preferably on one couch next to each other. So it could be a lot shorter than the other games but a totally different experience.

      Additionally I would really like to see the shrines and titans used in Breath of the Wild in greater dungeons.
      So kind of a return to the old dungeons/castles/palaces but with the addition of those physic/logic puzzles. (Not depending on the coop part I wrote above)

      And I really like the other ideas posted here already, there are many ways in which you could change the game without loosing anything.
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